June 11, 2022
Truckee, California









The Gravel Roads in Tahoe National Forest
Your mixed-terrain mountain adventure begins here!

Routes for All

We have designed these three amazing routes that feature some of the prettiest and toughest stuff you can find in Tahoe National Forest. Click in their Strava links to analyze them further. All riders start together at the same time, at 8:00am at the Truckee Tahoe Airport but follow different course markings.

EASY: 26 Miles

Ride for FREE in our entry-level "roll-out" course. This is a non-competitive roll-out option that introduces you to Tahoe National Forest. It is non-competitive, and you can take your time visiting Prosser Dam and Boca reservoirs with their beautiful views.

View on Strava

Free Self-Guided Family Ride

Truckee Tahoe Gravel takes place right next to the Truckee River Legacy Trail and Truckee Bike Park. Both of these offer a perfect combination of bike-friendly features for families and kids who aren't ready to tackle great big gravel roads. You can take a self-guided casual tour of the Truckee River and visit the Truckee Bike Park all within a short couple of miles of riding, and come back to the post-race festival at your leisure.

MODERATE: 58 Miles

The Medium distance route features much of the same course as the long route but eliminates 1,000' of climbing by avoiding the ascent over Sardine Peak. This is a timed, competitive option.

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HARD: 67 Miles

The long, and hardest route is the staple of the Truckee Dirt Fondo, and brings competitors all the way up and over the summit of Sardine Peak at more than 8,000' above sea level. It is timed.

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Community Fun at Truckee Tahoe Airport
Live Music, vendors and bikes!

Free Public Festival

The Truckee Tahoe Gravel event features a public festival open to all, and will include live music, food and beer.

Music Headliner: Jelly Bread Band


8:00am Race Starts

11:00am Festival Opens, Food, Vendors and Beer.

11:30pm Pro racers reach finish line

1:00pm Opening Music Act

1:30pm Act 2

2:15pm Jelly Bread Band Set 1

3:00pm Awards Ceremony

3:30pm Jelly Bread Band Set 2

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